Krishna Bhumi

Vrindavan, India

About the client:

Krishnabhumi is a large township project comprising of 131 villas and over 2000 apartments located in Vrindavan, UP. It is a part of the iconic and well known Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir, world’s tallest Krishna temple being developed by ISKCON, Bangalore.

Krishnabhumi is developed by Infinity Group, one of eastern India’s leading real estate developers.


UDMC team was mandated to manage the entire digital media presence of the project for the entire life cycle by the developer. The target client base for Krishnabhumi is spread all across the world because the theme of the projects surrounds around the divinity of Lord Krishna. The project, therefore, had to target non residents of the city, which required high level of brand building, engagement and cycle time for conversion.


We followed the concentric circle marketing methodology to reach out to Krishnabhumi’s global clients. As in a concentric circle, different cities and geographies were divided into centre circle (being the highest density market) to subsequent concentric rings with decreasing target density.

What we did:

  • Compelling and engaging content was created to interest people. Innovative ideas like quizzes and Krishna stories were put up on social media.
  • Several hundred creative and content posting materials were made and posted on social media.
  • Articles and blogs are actively posted to engage Krishnabhumi’s followers.


  • The Facebook Page has more than 86000 followers and counting. Each and every organic post and article gathers an average of 1000-1500 engagement peaking to a level of twenty thousand and more on certain occasions.
  • Sold over 500 units in a period of 18 months.